Hi there! My blogs revolve around my personal stuff, little trips, sentiments, reviews, and my views on love, career and life in general. I started in 2017, and have been trying to grow since then. This wasn’t active from May last year (2018) to July this year (2019) though for some reasons, but now that I’m back, I’m gonna be “making the most of it”. I’m gonna try to be more active and upload more, get a custom domain again and also reconnect with other bloggers. Hopefully, I can get a more stable internet connection soon.

By the way, this is Erma from the Philippines. I love to write whenever I can to express my thoughts, and to inspire others in my own little ways. I’m also into sweets, hoarding books, and checking out places. You may get to know me more through my old blogs, and like I always wish, I hope you’ll learn a thing or two from me or my blogs.

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