Dear Future Me

Dear future me,

First and foremost, I hope you will be truly happy, like happier than you are now on most days, if not everyday. I hope you will achieve that dream car and learn to drive and take the family out to visit nice places together, and experience road trip whenever you want and make a lot more memories with them to make up for the ones you’ve lost for the times you are away.

For that dream life, that fulfilling life, where you get to make your own money, because it pleasures you to spend your own money and to be able to spend it the way you want, like spoiling the family. I hope you will get to experience living and working abroad, and also travel the world. They’ve been one of your big dreams so I hope you will be more motivated and courageous to achieve them.

And for your heart, I hope you will end up with someone willing to grow old with you and one who supports you in all that you wanna do. I hope he’s that someone you’ve been talking with for almost a decade now but haven’t met for real, cause you adore him so much from afar although he doesn’t know how to initiate, he’s not sweet or romantic, and he always says he can’t afford to come and meet you, but he’s always been your greatest motivator and has always listened and never judged you. But if it’s not him and it’s someone else, I hope he’s a lot better. I hope he’s someone to give you flowers and calls first.

Future me, life may not give you everything you desire like it always has done you, I hope you’ll receive at least the ones you need the most, aside from your family being always healthy, a job you’re always excited to do, and a partner who will always include you in his plans, but if life had other plans, I hope that you’re stronger and braver and healthier then to accept and embrace it. I truly hope whatever I’m doing now will lead you to the best life you’ve always pictured. Also please always remember that your value as a person isn’t based on what you do or what you have. You’ve done much already to prove that you are worthy of love and respect just like everybody else in the world. Always be kind to yourself.


Your 20-something-almost-close-to-30 self.

4 thoughts on “Dear Future Me

  1. I have always wanted to write to my future self, but haven’t gotten the courage yet to do so.

    I know you’ll get to where you want to be because you have good intentions in your heart and a great purpose for achieving your dreams. Keep on keeping on no matter what and remember that there are no failures, only delays. Padayon!

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