So are we here again? Doubting, worrying, getting overwhelmed? Are we here again to shake the heck out of everything up? Or are we just here again, to be just here again.. or for an underlying reason?

Why can’t things be just so easy and simple to comprehend, like adding 2 with another 2 makes 4 in Math? Why can’t things just be calm and stay the way they are, and not mess up someone’s mind without an absolute sense? Or is it just my mind this time messing with me because it’s bored, and it’s a fan of mind games? Why?

You know, I know when things feel so right I wanna stay still, and I know when something is off I wanna think of a graceful exit. But I’ve gotten used to the comfort, the convenience I’ve almost believed this was really it. And I actually wanted it to be.. I mean, I’m tired of going back and starting again, building foundation, and I’m scared I won’t get the same benefits I’ve been getting. So yes, this is something new, totally not a no brainer for me this time. Is this growth? Lol

Damn. Life. You confuse me.. Please, not this time. I’m not prepared. Give me time.

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