Grow through what go through.

In life, things won’t always go in your favor. Sometimes just when you thought everything is under control, you start to get caught up in conflicts and uncertainties, and that feeling of being unsure about your own capabilities become familiar again. But as they would say, focus on the things you can control, on what can be done to make things better. Because you don’t really overcome a setback by only praying for a miracle to happen. More often than not, you have to go through it, and by going through, you embrace the pain or the discomfort, the pressure and sometimes getting overwhelmed. And when you do, you learn to grow and growth is not only such a beautiful thing but an essential one. You become more confident, and you feel like you can surpass whatever challenges that may come your way because you are not the little weakling you used to be anymore. You still cry though, when you feel like things are so heavy you aren’t prepared, but somehow you just know in yourself you will make it. So whenever you find yourself in situations where you feel like its gonna be the end of the world for you, just remember this phrase “Grow through what you go through.”.

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