Currently lying in bed and enjoying the start of my day off.. there’s just so much in my mind I could actually write about here but also very few I would actually write about here. Na-gets mo? Hehe. (You got it?) Lol

Yeah, so all of a sudden I’ve remembered this thing. This blog. I’ve remembered I’ve this thing I would most of the time consider I’m passionate about and yet I would forget when something else has fully occupied my time and attention. One of my ironies. Kidding. 🙂 But seriously, I really just don’t know what to write about. I dont know which topic I should begin with. I dont know how to sound like how I used to back when I started this a few years ago. Optimistic. Determined to inspire others make the most of their time and opportunities they get. Cause right now I just don’t wanna think too much like I used to do before. I just don’t wanna think things over. I just wanna let things be and move on if I have to.

However, as much as I wanna be less expressive of my thoughts for the meantime, I also don’t wanna let this blog be idle again for a long time, hence this post. This is also like an update for those who know me through this blog and wonder how I’ve been, and also for me to look back on later when things are different. I am doing okay. My mental health is okay. People say I’m gaining weight which I thought would never happen to me. I’m more confident. And I’ve become more hopeful that the future isn’t going to be bad for me as long as I keep going.

I’m thankful to God for the people whom I get to go through everyday with esp. this pandemic. It’s been years since the last time I’ve had people whom I would get to joke around and enjoy simple meals with. I think environment really plays a big role in one’s growth and mental health. I’m just glad I waited enough to be here. I may not have the best and most fulfilling job, but at least I’m surrounded by people who don’t make me feel like I’m different for my personality, and I just get to be my weird, silly and sometimes awkward self.

I think this is just what I’m gonna share for now, but yeah I’m up to some big things. Hopefully things will continue the way they are. By God’s grace, I’ll be able to make new changes in my life, like with my priorities and my family. Talk to you soon again before I spill beans. Lol. By the way, covid-19 is still here though the gov’t has loosen up on its restrictions so it means we still have to mindful of our actions. The numbers maybe exaggerated at times but it doesn’t mean the virus is. It still weakens people with already weak immune system and it’s gonna continue to ruin future plans and dreams if we won’t do our part, that is to look after our health at the very least.

Already 3:07 am here now. Finished with some chitchats with my roommates and small chat with a friend on fb messenger in between. I’m the one yeah! Lol. Let’s talk more next time, probably in a month or so hopefully.

Till then, Erma. ☺

PS: Here’s me from my birthday in July and 2 recent photos.

excuse the messy background
me yesterday with my rbf and my new top from a thrift store, P35
also me trying to look fab with my new skirt from the same shop, also P35. lol

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