it’s been months since the last time I wrote something and shared on here, 7 months maybe. and it’s only been days, probably a week since I started thinking maybe I should come back here and drop something. something like? what’s been going on? what’s new? or how I’m feeling? I don’t know. but I know I’m right here now, letting my fingers run through the letters on the screen trying to be creative so my words will come out fancy. lol. nah. I guess I just miss blogging, you know like getting to write and share although I’m not really up for the thought of talking about my life at the moment. it’s bad enough I share a lot these days on my ig account. lol. nah. scratch that. my posts on ig don’t even tell at least half of the life I’m living at the moment, so I can’t regret a bit about sharing “a lot”. besides, I don’t share there for people to see what I’m up to so they’ll be impressed, but so I’ll have pictures to look back on later when I’m bored or when life is not as good like I always wish for it to be.. just like I write here to express and to have something I can go back to later for whatever reason I can think of. suddenly I just feel the urge of keeping personal matters to myself and to my closest friends and of course family, instead of constantly updating everyone on social media (as if they care hahaha) about what’s up and disappointing myself more when I can’t keep up like I did last yr and the previous years. so yeah we’re like trying to be a little lowkey here and there. and I think I’m like only halfway, but soon I’ll get there.. just a little more practice and discipline. ☺

to people (if there are. lol. I never wanna assume) who may wondering where I’ve been, I’ve just been here. I’ve been living, surviving, getting myself ahead, catching up with whatever I believe I must catch up with. I still self-doubt. yes, I’m still not confident. I still confuse those around me just as much as I confuse myself at times. I was on hiatus for 7 months here, but look who just showed up a month before her 26th birthday. how time flies! I was turning 23 when I started this blog, and now 3 yrs later, I still have this with me despite the other separate blogs I’ve made along the way. it’s amazing! lol

hey, it’s 1:58 am from where I’m now. I’m not sure what’s next after this. not sure if I’ll come back soon to write again about whatever.. like you know how a day went, or how is my heart at the moment, because of course there are so many things I can write about, not only about myself. Iol I’m so full of myself. I hope not! 😂 nah. we’ll see. I’d have to check my vocabularies first though for sure. I’m forgetting some words and it’d be a shame if the blog has so many repeated words in it. might turn you off. lol. seriously, I have to go now and get some sleep before I start saying more nonesense. hahaha. if you’re reading this, know that change is the only permanent thing in this world. so if you think that’s your end right there, no it’s not. of course, with our choices, anything can happen. thus if you’re given opportunities, grab them. if not, chase or better yet make ones for yourself. the choice is always yours. you have a good day!

till then, erma. 😘

PS: I’m not forgetting about covid19, you guys do your part, if not for you, at least for the people you love and love you. 😘

here’s a selfie of me now. for the record, first photo uploaded here for this year. ✌✌

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