I’m surviving and it’s all that matters. :)

It’s that time of the day when you’ve actually sat down to pause when you realize you’ve been pretty consumed with all that’s been going on that you have missed writing on your diary, mailing your friends, or just doing the things you used you do a lot when you were still trying to figure things out. So here I am, taking this moment, before I become “busy” again, to pen down some things that you may be able to relate to.

Well, I’ve started writing to “Diary”. I did last month when I almost lost my mind trying to find a way to get back here to Cebu like it costs a million. So basically it’s the reason why I’ve not been actively posting here. From my cryptic way of expressing my thoughts, I’ve gone bold on my diary journal. Thus the much less of a need this blog has become. I thought however, that there are people who actually care about me but can’t bother to ask me and only has this, so I’d write a little update.

Cutting it short, I am today trying to rebuild myself. Thanks to the people who’ve helped me get back here to Cebu, my 2nd home, and to those who still choose to believe in me and support me despite my inconsistency. Also of course to God for not allowing my sanity to lose its self. I am trying to be stronger and wiser. It hasn’t been a easy journey for me, having times where I feel like I’m a failure, worthless, and unappreciated, but I guess I’m just designed to get up every time I trip. I can be happy and free for days, and then sad and anxious the other days, but I’ll always recharge and come back.  So to the secret concerned people who wonder what’s been up with me or who may have thought I’ve actually let myself be defeated (again), I’m back here and it’s all that matters now. I’m surviving. 😉

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