Some people may doubt what you do, and underestimate its potential and your capability to make it work out, because it’s something not many succeed at. There are some who may entice you to try their things, because they believe that their’s gives more security than yours seems to. And there are those who would say any negative thing they can come up with just to discourage you, because it hurts them to see you get a little farther. But that’s fine. Totally fine.

Let them express their opinions, thoughts and even tell everyone else what they think about you. Allow them do whatever they think can please them. Because that’s just their power. They cannot change your potentials. They cannot change you, and the things you yourself only knows.

You know yourself the most — your attitude and perspectives. You know your capabilities though at times you may doubt them. You know more what you can bring to the table. You know more what you’re worth. You know the most how much you’re willing to risk and how bad you want it because no one else is you. Only you knows what you’re capable of doing to fulfill your heart’s desires.

Dear, not everybody’s opinions matter. Not every voice has to be listened to. At times we may have to just close our doors, not to be alone so we can focus, but for some people to realize that just because they’re part of our lives, it doesn’t mean they’re entitled to always have a say.

Please stop being too sensitive. Not everybody means what they say. Some would say certain things out of their concern. While some would do because of jealousy. Don’t pity yourself if someone dares to say you are “trying hard”, “pathethic” and all. Don’t mind if they say you’re too ambitious that you have to isolate yourself and be different. You know more.

There are times where you may feel bad and blame yourself for not wanting to be where everybody else wants. For not choosing what they seem to think the best opportunity. Dear, realize that it is okay. It is okay to choose and be different. It is okay to go away from the norm. It is okay to have goals different from the typical. Because not everybody can be one thing, can be teachers. Some have to be engineers. Others would have to be soldiers. Well, this a lame example, but you see what I mean. You don’t have to be where most of your acquaintances and friends choose to be. Nor force yourself to be somebody you don’t dream of becoming.

You are not lost just because you’re not doing what they are. You are right where you heart desires to be. Nothing’s wrong with that. And it takes the same commitment, dedication, passion and hardwork to succeed at anything. So it’s not always a matter of what you do. What job title you have. Not a matter of how much money you make, either. But sometimes a matter of what makes you look forward to everyday. What makes you happy. Chase what you feel you should now because this may be your only chance.

And dear, it is okay if not everyone whom you expect to give support is going to. If even your own family don’t find it easy to. Because not everybody is going to be pleased. Some are gonna have doubts, second thoughts, hesitations. But it’s absolutely okay. Some people just take quite sometime to believe, to trust, and that others have their own personal battles to attend to at the same time.

Dear, please use some of the courage you’re left with, to keep negative thoughts away. You certainly don’t need any bad vibrations interferring your way. Learn to answer people, not so they will get intimated, but to show them that you can stand by your decisions. Inspire them to chase whatever it is that they feel is missing in their lives, to take a leap of faith as it’s probably just what they need. Fight your inner self who makes you doubt your capabilities and the potentials of what you do.

Support just actually comes next or follows. What you can offer may be the most significant key you could ever have to unlock success. If you can provide quality, then people, without urging or encouraging them, are very much likely to give away their support. Some might even promote or market on your behalf without you knowing. Don’t beg for it especially from those who can’t.

Think about long term goals over temporary and short satisfaction. Don’t rush just because you’re already tired of hearing bad things. Let people have a say. Focus on your passion and let it speak for you and itself. Don’t ever compromise. Don’t take shortcuts. Go through every ups and downs and savor each moment for only then you’ll get to appreciate more your ultimate goal. Success does taste the sweetest when it’s well-deserved. But until you stop minding what others would have to say about you or what you do, you wouldn’t get a step closer to it. So believe in yourself, dear. Show them what you’ve got. And flaunt that confidence. I am with you in this.


A girl who’s taking an unfamiliar path xx

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  1. The only way to make a difference is to be different. Sometimes, you have to leave the crowd to pursue what’s best for you…and only you with the wisdom of God can figure that out. May you have a thousand new beginnings!


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