I am at the same point as you are. I am as tired, frustrated and stressed as you may be. As pressured and overwhelmed. But here I am, still hopeful and fighting. Still committed and passionate because I believe I was born for this.

There are days when I just suddenly get struck by the reality that I am not as good as I thought I was. I still somehow worry whenever I think that other people especially the ones I know, can actually see my work and judge me. The idea of approaching people to ask for their support still freaks the heck out of me.

But eventually, I calm down because I realize, that it is okay to get scared sometimes. To be vulnerable. It is okay to show people the real me. Corny, silly, mediocre, but tries anyway. It is okay to ask for help. To show one’s flaws. To humble oneself.

There are nights when I would pray that my ultimate goal will have finally come true when I wake up. I would wish that everything I wanted was easy to get.

But as we know, “nothing worth having comes easy” and we don’t deserve a thing for simply wanting it. We’ve got to lose to gain.

Dear, it is okay to start at the bottom. To start from nothing. To fail many times. To make many attempts. Because compared to some people who don’t even bother trying, you’re still way ahead and better.

Some days you feel really motivated. Other days you feel like giving up because your efforts don’t seem to pay off. But God feels your pains. He sees your struggles. Your perseverance and determination to succeed. And understands how much important it is you. 

He might give you more challenges to surpass at times. More reasons to quit. He will not probably make it easy but He will never forsake you. His plans are the best. Although it can be hard at times to read through his signs.

Dear, I would like to thank you for being the person you choose to be. You are a perfect example to show to those who had given up before they’ve even tried. For your courage to keep going despite the things that make you feel you’re not worthy at times. Because I draw some of my inspirations from people like you. I stan people who don’t stop until and even after they achieve their goals.

Know that there are people who truly believe in you and really look forward to see you achieve all your dreams. People who’ve always got your back. You’ve got people who don’t overlook your sacrifices and underestimate your capabilities. Who include you in their prayers. Who would expect much from you but would understand if you fail them sometimes. You are very much loved and appreciated by them.

Look at your successful colleagues and friends but do not pity yourself. Do not envy. Everyone has different timelines, different paths. Different circumstances. Comparing yourself to them is just like listening to your doubters. It doesn’t help in any way.

Keep working on both of your weaknesses and strengths, instead. Pursuing growth, both personal and professional. Going after excellence. Treating everybody with respect. Chasing opportunities. Staying positive. Trusting God and the process. In time, you shall enjoy the fruits of your labor. And you’re going to remember the days when you almost gave up and thank yourself for having remained strong.


A girl who keeps trying .  xx

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