Dear women: There’s more to life than just love.

Gone are the days when I would desperately chase men. When I would spend days with a broken heart and a frowning face. When I would look down on myself for my insecurities only because a different girl was chosen.

Gone are those times when I thought it’s a man that would complete my whole being.

They’re gone because I came to realize that there are things that also matter — self-care, personal growth, progress and peace of mind.

What do you do with a love that doesn’t care about your future and sanity? How do you turn back time that’s been wasted solely waiting for someone who’s probably meant to come two decades later?

Dear women, we are all worthy of appreciation. Let’s not try so hard to please those who obviously don’t want our presence. It’s one thing to give it one or two times to try to make it work, but three and more is another.

There’s so much more to life and the world. May we not forget our relationships with the people that matter to us, and especially our dreams. Life’s too short to do and chase only one thing forever.

Create more memories with family and friends. Meet new people and build more connections. Have people we can meet and catch up with once in a while, and have a drink or two and talk about life, though it probably wouldn’t be as romantic as spending time with a lover, but it would sure be as fun.

Let’s work our way towards making our dreams a reality. Keep improving ourselves, reaching our maximum potential. Let’s give back to our parents for all their sacrifices and contribute to the society. And make each “singlehood” day count.

The person, who will always choose “you” no matter what the circumstances may be, the right person, will just come along. Who will make you his priority so you don’t have to beg for anything. Who’ll support your interests and dreams.

That person with whom you’re gonna share your ups and downs with, will show up just as when you least expect him to. Who’ll accept all of your flaws, negative sides and even your dark secrets. Who won’t be perfect, but will at least try to always give you more than you deserve. And who’ll truly treasure the masterpiece that you are. He is worth waiting. ♡


A girl who patiently waits xx

2 thoughts on “Dear women: There’s more to life than just love.

  1. That’s right! There are other relationships that matter. There are other people that need your love. Mourn that loss. Learn from it. Grow from it. Move on from it. Restore yourself. Redefine your goals. Go after your unfulfilled dreams.

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