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Hi there! So it’s been like a month already since the last time I posted here. I still go on food-trips once in a while but I haven’t been motivated to write a post about them simply because I know I have to make my post read worthy yet I don’t have the means to try at least half of the menu at every place I go. Anyway, recently, I came across a vlogger couple on youtube and I fell in love with their family instantly that I binge-watched their videos. There is one that I really enjoyed watching I watched it like three times. In the video, they were playing “never have I ever game” in which both of them would show a card which reads “I have” or “I have not”, depending on their answers to every “never have I ever” question they would alternately say. You can watch the video here and there’s another one of a different edition in case you’re interested.

I found the game really interesting that I would love to try it myself with my friends as it’s obviously one fun way to get to know them better (and vice versa), however I realize that I don’t even get to meet them because every time I’m free, they’re busy, much less do it. Nonetheless, I still hope that someday we’ll get to do it. I wanted to learn more about this game so I looked it up online. I found out that there are some other ways the game can be played aside from the way the couple did it, and as I finished reading, to my surprise, something caught my attention. I saw this game that is similar though with different questions, with  Boy Abunda‘s fast talk at the end of his late night show TWBA on national TV.

I don’t really watch the show but sometimes I come across its videos on YouTube and I tend to view them if I know the celebrity guest. I’ve always found this game cool I seriously and badly wanna have someone done it to me, however, of course because it would look or sound silly at least to me and it’s not like I am some famous personality which I don’t wish to be, by the way, I thought why not do it on the blog instead, on this blog particularly since I once said I’d still be posting personal blog posts? I’ve seen some-get-to-know-me-more blog posts already but the thought of writing my own version hasn’t really fancied me until just now. To be honest, there are lots of get-to-know-me-more questions on Facebook but if I remember correctly, I’ve only answered like one or two of them, but it’s only because I don’t wanna put a lot of things about me on my Facebook account. Anyhow, let’s get to it before this intro gets longer!

Dog or Cat? = Both

Netflix or YouTube? = Youtube

Phone Call or Text? = Phone Call

Toast or Eggs? = Eggs

Cardio or Weights? = Cardio

Facebook or Twitter? = Facebook

Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? = Ice Cream Cone

Mobile Games or Console Games? = Mobile Games

While walking: Music or Podcasts? = Music while walking

iOS or Android? = Android

Form or Function? = Function

Pop or Indie? = Pop

Cake or Pie? = Cake

Swimming or Sunbathing? = Swimming

High-tech or Low-tech? = High-tech

Big Party or Small Gathering? = Small Gathering

New Clothes or New Phone? = New Phone

Rich Friend or Loyal Friend? = Loyal Friend

Football or Basketball? = Basketball

Work Hard or Play Hard? = Work Hard

Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? = Nice Car

What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes? = Laundry

Jogging or Hiking? = Jogging

Bath or Shower? = Shower

Sneakers or Sandals? = Sandals

Glasses or Contacts? = Glasses

Hamburger or Taco? = Hamburger

Couch or Recliner? = Couch

Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store? = Shopping in a Store

Receive: Email or Letter? = Letter

Passenger or Driver? = Passenger

Tablet or Computer? = Computer

Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny? = Intelligent 

Car or Truck? = Truck

Blue or Red? = Red

Money or Free Time? = Money

Amusement Park or Day at the Beach? = Day at the Beach

At a movie: Candy or Popcorn? = Popcorn

Pen or Pencil? = Pen

Toilet paper: Over or Under? = Under

Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down? = Right Side Up

Pancake or Waffle? = Pancake 

Coke or Pepsi? = Coke

Coffee Cup or Thermos? = Coffee Cup

Blinds or Curtain? = Curtain

Train or Plane? = Plane

Phone or Phablet? = Phone

Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee? = Iced Coffee

Meat or Vegetables? = Vegetables

International Vacation or a New TV? = International Vacation

Save or Spend? = Save 

Honesty or Other’s Feelings? = Honesty

Coffee or Tea? = Coffee

TV or Book? = TV

Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater? = Movie at Home

Ocean or Mountains? = Ocean 

Horror Movie or Comedy Movie? = Horror Movie

City or Countryside? = Both

Winter or Summer? = Summer or Dry Season in the Philippines 

Mac or PC? = PC

Console Gaming or PC Gaming? = PC Gaming

Soup or Sandwich? = Sandwich

Card Game or Board Game? = Both

Classical Art or Modern Art? = Both

Beer or Wine? = Beer

Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home? = Camping

Working Alone or Working in a Team? = Both

Dine In or Delivery? = Dine In

Sweater or Hoodie? = Hoodie

Comic Book or Comic Strips? = Comic Book 

Motorcycle or Bicycle? = Bicycle

Book or eBook? = Book 

When sleeping: Fan or No Fan? = Fan

Ninjas or Pirates? = Ninjas

TV Shows or Movies? = Both


Credits to CONVERSATION STARTERS WORLD as the questions are exactly copy-paste from them. There are more questions that can be added but I’d stick to these for now. If you noticed I answered with both, it is because I both love the two options I don’t think I’ll ever be able to choose. If there are some that you’d like to add, feel free to comment them and I’ll reply with my answers. ♡♡♡

11 thoughts on “My This or That Tag

  1. I really like the movie, “”My Name Is Doris” where the game Never Have I Ever is featured with actress Sally Field. The Fast Talk Game might be useful to use for the closing of school lesson. I would like to copy out your questions. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you for sharing about that. I’m gonna look up that movie. The questions aren’t mine but yes it’s okay if you copy and use them. I’m class that game would really help your class. ☺


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