Where to Eat: Sushi Boy

Have you ever just seen something by chance and you told yourself you should try it, get your hands on it? Ever seen something you find intriguing you and your mind automatically agreed to check it out? I have. In fact, often and it was what happened to me with this place. When I saw it on my way to Sugbo Mercado in IT Park some time last yr, I just knew I had to visit it.

It was Monday of the holy week when all of a sudden I uttered “ngaon ta gawas” (let’s dine out) as I and a colleague were approaching Colon on our way home from work around 11 pm that night. I was basically waiting for some appointment when I realized there was no way it would happen. It was very late, I had no internet and I was just waiting for them to initiate. I was actually not sure about meeting ’cause Imma shy person, lol, but then I thought why not. It’s not everyday that i get an invitation.

A blogger from Manila whom I’ve been following came over and had invited me for a meet-up around that time, together with his other blogger friends, 2 of which I’d just started following. For that night, I had planned that if the meet up would not happen, I’d chill with a colleague. Good thing my colleague is that always up for a “laag” kind of person. The day after, though, the blogger messaged, apologized and told me he took a nap and then by accident he fell asleep because of exhaustion but it was totally fine with me. There’ll always be a next time. Who knows, I might just be able to go to Manila and meet them there instead. 😁😁

♡  ♡  ♡  ♡  ♡

Going back to SushiBoy, I had always wanted to check it out because I knew that from the name itself they serve sushi, one of those Japanese foods I don’t really eat but would love to develop fondness for because it’s healthy and beautiful. It’s not like an acquired taste for me, though, but some sushi rolls just have some ingredients that my tongue doesn’t like.

Prior to coming here I had thought they only serve sushi but when I looked at their menu, I was pretty surprised and glad ’cause I learned that they don’t only serve sushi (see menu below). And what’s more interesting is that not all of their dishes range from P100, so there’s no need to worry if you’re on a budget.

I have a clearer picture but I lost it. Will replace this once I find it.
With descriptions. Pretty cool menu, isn’t it?

I basically just wanted to eat sushi thus I came here but they’ve quite a couple that all look tasty it took me a while to order. In my mind, I wanted to try everything and they have an all you can promo but is just pricy for me and it was already late I couldn’t put a lot of food into my system. My colleague also couldn’t decide so we opted to just ask one of the staff for recommendations instead. He said Sushi Boy Special Maki and Crispy Salmon Maki are two of their best-selling sushis. I ordered the latter but my friend ordered a different one, California Maki. She said it looked more delicious. 😁 For drinks, we only asked for the service water. If you’re up for some drinks, they serve some hard drinks here.

Crispy Salmon Maki P165
California Maki P189

What I can say about the foods:

My order was really good but the filling was spicy so I’d only give it 4.5 over 5. I like spicy foods but for this one, it would have been still fine for me if it wasn’t spicy. The addition of mayonnaise (which I’m sure is Japanese mayo, my favorite one) and the sauce made it more delicious.

I tried the California Maki but I didn’t really like it as much as I liked mine. I only ate one. I didn’t like its filling. That green leaf-shaped paste is a wasabi. It’s a Japanese horseradish which my sweet tooth may never like because of its weird aftertaste. It’s definitely an acquired taste for me.

Here are some photos of the place. The chairs are pretty cool, made out of recycled bottle boxes, and the flower decors gives a Japanese vibe.





And here’s the buffet promo which is available at certain hours.


Do I recommend this place? Yes, definitely, esp. for the sushi or Japanese food beginners. Refer to the photo below for their address and contact numbers.


To get to this IT Park branch, take a 17B, 17C, or 17D if you’re coming from Colon.

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