Where to Eat: Chowabungga

This is another recommendation blog, and I’m not being biased. Well, we all have personal choices and as someone who owns this blog and is the sole writer, I can write about anything I want and post it when I want. lol. Seriously, I fell in love with this place the first time I tried their ngohiong. I loved its fillings and its sweet and spicy sauce, a lot better than those I’d tried and the fact that I could get it for only P10. Yup, very affordable.

♡   ♡   ♡   ♡   ♡

Chuwabongga is one of those restaurants you can run to when you’re on a budget. It offers a variety of budget-friendly meals, both local and international. It’s a few minute walk if you’re working or staying somewhere in IT Park.



I’ve been here like 3 times already, 2 of which I only took out my orders and the last time was last week. I and 2 other colleagues had an instant urge to chill out which for us usually means to dine out, that night of our last workday for the said week. It wasn’t actually our first choice but since it was a holy week, the places we had intended to check out were closed. I, myself wanted to try something new so at first I wasn’t really happy but once laid my eyes on their menu, my mood just automatically changed. A realization that whatever I’d order would be a good deal immediately struck me. Good thing! Lol



Because of their wide variety, it somehow took us a couple of minutes to decide what to order. In my case, I just wanted to get something that would satisfy me regardless of the cost. One colleague opted for Combo Meal 1 P70 (ngohiong plus pork barbecue and rice), while the other opted for Combo Meal 4 P100 (teriyaki plus bam-i and rice) which I also liked, but I didn’t want to get the same one cause I’d love to try different flavors so I chose Chowa Beef Bowl P90 instead. It reminds me of the beef sukiyaki, a dish at my former job, Tokyo Street 123, which I love very much. And oh well, it tasted almost the same, no regret.



Here’s what I ordered last year. Chicken Steak for P90. I loved its gravy and of course that little vegetable they added. It’s another good thing about this place, aside from their selection and prices. If you notice, there is a small vegetable in our orders, that’s an advantage for those who love veggies like me.

What can I say about their foods?

They are good. I mean, if I were to give them a rate, I’d give it 8.5 over 10. Most of our orders were served hot, but it took them like 15 minutes to serve them. But well there were a couple of costumers when we came so I guess it was pretty understandable. For the drinks, they gave free iced tea, but if you don’t like, you can always ask for a service water.

I ordered 2 ngohiong for take out after we ate our foods, and I chatted with the cashier while waiting. She said they have delivery but it’s only within IT Park with P300 minimum purchase, and only if they are not busy. She gave me a leaflet but I left it on our table by chance. Btw, there’s no guarantee that all the dishes in their menu are available all the time, just so you know.

Here are other snaps of the place.

Anyway, in case you’re somewhere in the area looking for a place to dine out, you might want to give it a shot. It’s located at Ground Fr. i1 Bldg., Jose Maria Del Mar St. Cebu City. Contact: (032) 416 9837.

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