Where to Eat: StrEat – Food and Drinks

Before I got myself into the ESL industry, I used to work at a Japanese food kiosk where my tongue had its first taste of Japanese cuisine. During my almost 4 month stay there, I learned to prepare some Japanese dishes and developed a fondness for them. After I left, my fondness just grew and I also came to like Korean foods as I’ve worked for some of the Japanese and Korean-owned ESL schools in Cebu. Working with them has given me the chance to not only increase my awareness of their culture but also get myself familiar with some of their foods.

However, I don’t often get the chance to eat out for reasons like they’re expensive and I don’t have a food buddy who wouldn’t take long to say yes when I ask them to go food tripping with me. Pretty sad. Well, everyone’s trying to save and that includes me, so what I do when I’m craving for them, I’ll just go to my previous job (which I’m blogging about later) and I always try to make sure I get my money’s worth every time. (I can’t make them myself for the lack of equipments and the fact that cooking at my dorm is nearly impossible.)

☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆

My fondness for Japanese foods brought me to StrEat. I’d been itching to check them out since last year around September when I saw their page on Facebook. Their meals are served in a rice bowl and I find it really cute as at my food kiosk job, the meals are served likewise. The red color of their bowls and their chopsticks make their place seems to me like a really semi-Japanese restaurant or some sort of.

Photo credits to StrEat Fb page.

I was joined by a colleague who’s staying nearby. We ordered Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and Buffalo wings. The waiting time was about 10 to 15 minutes. The foods tasted good. The presentation was nice. They were served hot. The rice wasn’t sticky for the chopsticks to hold but they have spoon and fork. The servings were pretty generous. Everything goes for less than P100 except for samyang that’s 120 Php. They’re so affordable yet they’re great.

This place is small but it was well-ventilated then. The walls and the ceiling aren’t boring. The designs are fascinating I couldn’t help but take photos. They’re very instagrammable as some instagram users would say. The guy in charge of taking orders and serving was very accomodating as well.

My apologies to the people in the photo. :[

Their menu. (They’re pretty basic so I guess there’s no need for photos.)

*Credits to https://www.facebook.com/You.Neil.It  for the first three individual menu photos because I wasn’t able to take photos of them up close.

Will I go back? Yes, definitely. I like the ambiance despite the area being not spacious, and I would love to try the dishes we didn’t ’cause we were both pretty full prior to coming here.

How to get there:

From Colon, take a 01K jeepney and tell the driver you’ll get off at StrEat (340 Ascencion Street, Urgello). It’s 7 Php.

For more details and reviews, check out their Facebook page here.

15 thoughts on “Where to Eat: StrEat – Food and Drinks

      1. 21 to 27 ako nandyan. Pero 22 & 23 punta muna ako ng Surigao to visit my relatives. Sobrang siksik na ng sched ko. Pero sana maisingit ko yung meet-up. May ibang blogger friends din ako na pupunta ng Cebu. 24 ang dating nila dyan.

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      2. Nataon pa na yung off mo eh saktong punta ko ng Surigao. Heheh..

        Sige, try natin ng 24 to 26 ng gabi. I don’t mind kahit kadlawon pa tayo matapos kase night shift naman talaga ako sa work. 😊

        Usap na lang tayo sa IG. We follow each other naman sa IG diba?

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