3 Things that Made Me Happy this December plus 2017 Wrap-Up

In a few hours, a new year is going to unfold and almost everyone is ecstatic. Sure, they are looking forward to what 2018 has in store for them. But while many can’t wait for their lives to begin, there are those who wish that 2017 wasn’t going to end yet because they have intended to achieve a lot of things by the end of the year. And I am one of those people.


Yeah, here I go again, spreading negativity after another .  😕



Just kidding! 😁

Of course, as an optimistic person like I claim to be, I am not ending the year with a frowned face and negative thoughts in my head. I’ve got more opportunities this year than the previous years which I am grateful for. From having stayed in a job for more than 6 months, to having 2 jobs at one time, to getting myself in one of the top ESL schools in town and with being able to experience new things in between, I must say that I am one lucky gal.

So before the year ends, let me share to you 3 big things that made me happy this month.

1. My company’s Christmas party

This is one of the events that I look forward to every time I’m connected to a company or to a group not only because it’s fun, but also for the fact that it has become like an annual tradition. From my elementary days to high school and college, and to my previous jobs in the last 2 years, there was not a single Christmas party that I missed to attend.

Days prior to the event, I was reluctant about joining it because I didn’t have much money to spend for such a one-night fun. I had to keep P400 upront for the manito/a gift, and I’d have to buy a new dress and a pair of shoes which all could sum up to at least P500. My budget this month has really been tight as I’ve just started at work thus I’m not making a lot yet. Good thing, our company is generous enough. They provide 13th month pay aside from the gov’t mandatory benefits (sss, philhealth, pag-ibig, etc.). It wasn’t big though, but it helped me with my budget. I decided to just buy a dress and borrow my roommate’s shoes so I could save. (Kuripot. Hehe.)

Couldn’t leave the party without a photo here. ☺

During the party, there were group presentations which of course, I was a part of. Our group was the first to present and luckily, we won the 2nd place. Thanks to our leaders for the good concept and to all other members including me for being cooperative. 😁 I can remember my acting being almost real and my smile being so brilliant as I was just enjoying all throughout the number. I knew I’d not be able to apply someplace else what I’d practiced so I had to make it count. Just sad I forgot to ask someone to film us so I could have recorded it. 😣Anyway, if I find a copy, I’ll upload it here (as if you guys are interested to see it Lol).

In the exchanging of gifts (the manito/a thing) part where in everyone approaches the person whom they have picked to give a gift to, I’ve got what I really wanted to receive, a hand mixer. I had given 3 options on my wish list of which the other 2 are blender and a black shoulder bag and it was really nice of my manita to buy the first one. I can remember how I was over the moon upon receiving it because I could already tell it was the thing I’d been wanting to get for so long just looking at its package.

However, while I was happy with what I got, I felt kind of sad for the one I’ve picked. Her wish list was an engraved necklace which I wasn’t able to get as I didn’t realize how expensive it is until the day before. I felt guilty for not going to the jewelry store earlier so I could have informed her and asked for an alternative. It took her long to decide so I assumed it’s all she wanted and if she couldn’t get it, she’d rather receive cash. My bad. I called her in the morning of that day and informed her I couldn’t get her wishlist not only because it exceeds the amount but also because it could take 2 to 3 weeks before she could it. She could actually just pay the excess if she really wants to get such. I asked if I could just buy her something else as I’m staying in Colon St. where a couple of malls and store lie, but then she said cash would be fine. Anyway, she seemed to be happy when I handled it to her, and for that I felt somehow relieved.


Then just as I thought we would just be eating and dancing after we’d received our gifts, the managers announced that there was a raffle draw and all the winners could choose their prizes. They had a microwave oven, blender, pitchers, kettle, speakers, groceries and a gift certificate for a buffet. After hearing that, I prayed silently to God that I’d be picked, and to my surprise, I became one of the winners. How lucky! 😊 I chose then the pitcher as my prize and went back to my seat carrying 2 boxes as I went up to the stage holding my mixer. (I forgot to put it down like someone was going to steal it. May trust issue ako. Lol)

We then started dancing afterwards and had a picture-taking like a company picture. The managers again announced an important thing that is each of us would be given a giveaway which we all thought just to be some gift certificate or something, but it was a package which made everyone delighted and at the same time overwhelmed, as it was heavier than we could possibly thought it would be.


look at that! ☻

As for my dress, I only got it for P150 and I only wore lipstick a face powder. I didn’t intend to put on any make up ’cause first I don’t know how to put, second, I don’t have a make up kit and third, I didn’t have extra money to go to the parlor. Poor me. 😕

Overall, I had fun. Although I wasn’t able to eat much as I’d planned to because I’m sure it would cost me a lot if I’d dine out just so I could satisfy myself for my cravings for them, I went home happy. Perhaps, next time I should sit near the foods. Lol. And yeah, it was the best Christmas I’ve ever had as I got to see faces I don’t usually see everyday and I realized it’s so nice to be a part of a big group.

with my batch mates ♥

2. Simala Church

On Christmas day and eve, I didn’t do much aside from staying at my dorm. Me and a friend of mine who also comes from Leyte but works as an assistant pharmacist had planned to be together on Christmas eve but for some reasons we could not because we couldn’t compromise her health as she had to work on both days. I felt very sad because I really wanted to spend Christmas with her and outside my dorm because it’s boring here. I know because I spent Christmas here last year. Almost all dormers went home for the holidays.

At my room, I’ve only one roommate who’s here. She’s a colleague. We were also workmates at my previous job and just last month, she transferred to my room. She’s also from Leyte and just like me, she didn’t go home. She was okay with me leaving her alone as she said she’d like to have some time alone. We are always together most of the time, from the time we get to work to the time we come back home and sleep. But of course, I had this feeling that I shouldn’t leave her alone even if she says she’s okay. I felt like I’m bad, yet at the same time, I thought my pharmacist friend would also be alone as her roommates went home to their towns. I was torn between whom to go with but I really wanted to spend Christmas outside. Anyway, I ended up staying. I wished I had gone home as I really miss my family more at times like this. Seeing my fb friends spending Christmas with their families make me jealous. On Christmas day, me and my roommate just had spaghetti and some chicken as we thought we should celebrate as well, despite being only two.

My assistant pharmacist friend then just asked me to go with her to Simala, to this miraculous church. I think it was her way to make up for our failed plan to be together on Christmas eve. She actually had been asking me for weeks to go there so technically, I’m still the one who’s doing a favor. But anyway, I love her and would anything I can to make her happy. Besides, I was curious of this miraculous church hence, I agreed.

On the 29th, we left Cebu City at around 8 and arrived there by 10 in the morning. Upon arriving, we were immediately astounded by its breath taking view. What I only used to see on pictures were now right in front of me. It’s absolutely worth the time and money, I must say.


my friend ♥

However, since it’s widely known to be holy and beautiful, you could actually expect a number of tourists everyday. We could see everyone lighting candles, praying and of course, taking pictures. The weather was nice that day. It was sunny, yet my friend seemed to be feeling unwell then. She complained it was too hot and she was already tired from climbing up the steps and walking under the heat and with the crowd. I could understand as I somehow felt the same way, so we headed to cafeteria across its gate to eat lunch and then went inside again to rest under the shady trees and listen to the priest who then was conducting a mass. We didn’t attend the mass inside the church because it was too crowded already and weren’t able to finish it as she wanted to go home. But then again just being there was a big thing already, I guess, so I shouldn’t be paranoid for not being able to make the most of it.


But yeah, despite what happened, I was happy I finally got to visit there. Somehow, I felt at peace. The past few days, I’d been feeling unhappy, exhausted and unmotivated so going there really helped. I didn’t know it was all the break I needed, that’s to talk to him. ☺


3. Cong Cafe

After getting back to the city from our visit to the church, we headed to my workplace and claimed my salary. It must have been the best day of the month yet as finally, I got my atm. I’ve always wanted to reactivate my bank account but then due to lack of major IDs, I haven’t been able to. Good thing, the company provides. Now I can manage my money better.

We went straight to this Korean cafe I’d been itching to visit for quite some time afterwards since the first I saw it months ago. It took me a while, though, to convince her as she really wanted to go home but I told her we wouldn’t be able to be together again on new year’s eve so she agreed. It’s as if we’re lovers the way we talk. Lol


As I went inside it, I was a little bit frustrated to see their spaces and tables being small, but I thought we were only two thus we should be able to manage. I had been craving for ramyeun so I ordered for it while she ordered for an iced coffee and a pizza which are inspired by the shop. The serving of the pizza was small for the prize we paid for it but I just thought, most cafe are expensive, so I couldn’t complain. The noodles and coffee were okay. I loved the level of spiciness of the noodles but my friend said she doesn’t really liked much the coffee. I guess she’s just isn’t into coffee much.



No other customers arrived so it felt great because I actually just wanted us to be alone, to be in a place that’s somehow quite. Although some series was showing (The Walking Dead which I’ve already watched) and a loud volume was occupying the background, I wasn’t really bothered. Actually, from time to time, I’d glance at the monitor, talk with her and surf online while I savored our foods.



The place may be small but it’s nice. Their wifi is quite fast. Their restroom has an exhaust, and there is an AC but during that time only an electric fan was turned on but it was fine.

I was content knowing earlier that day we were exhausted yet we ended up in a comfy place. I couldn’t be happier I got to finally hang out, catch up with her and went out. I have realized that just being able to come out of one’s cave is just the kind of break I needed the most. Yeah ’cause these days, my routine has only been workplace and dorm, work and sleep. And well, I’d missed it to be honest, as the last time I went to a cafe was in April during the holy week.

I don’t need to be always outdoors chasing wonders just so I can take a break from the reality. And this is something I’m really thankful for. It’s really nice when you finally figure out what suits you — staying in a place that’s peaceful with someone whom you don’t have to talk with a lot just so they can feel there’s a connection.



.. So these are the happy things that really cheered me up at times when I felt like I’m stuck at where I am.

This year has been like a roller coaster ride for me. I’ve been with 2 companies which both closed down but each of them has influenced me, made me grow and boosted my confidence not only in the field I’m in but also as an individual.

So as the year ends, I hope I’ve put a smile on your face, and taught you a thing or two with my blogs. I am welcoming the year at my dorm with my roommate while my pharmacist friend is at her dorm with her dormmates. I can’t help but wish I was home. I actually could no longer count how long it has been since the last time I spent Christmas and New Year with my immediate family but yeah, I’m sure someday, we’ll all be together again to celebrate special times like this.

To you guys, I hope you make this last day of the year count and walk to 2018 with so much positivity. May this year be a great one and as well as the years ahead. Happy new year! 🎉🎆

8 thoughts on “3 Things that Made Me Happy this December plus 2017 Wrap-Up

    1. Yeah, I’m truly grateful. Glad my company are still generous when it comes to stuff like this. I’m happy you had a chance to join a party. ☺
      I’ll try videocalling next time when my sister at home get a smartphone and the connection is good. ☺


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