Helping Teachers Make a Difference

Doing collaborations, especially one that’s in line with what I’m doing which is teaching English as a second language (ESL) to foreigners, here on the blog is actually something I’ve been thinking of doing lately because it seems exciting, so yesterday when I learned of an opportunity, I immediately contacted the person who is offering such and we made some sort of an agreement. Mr. Daniel DiDio from is looking for English Native Speakers who would be willing to teach English online to kids.

These Companies below and the Online ESL Kidz Coach are Teaming up to Help Teachers.

For Every Teacher that Signs Up and Teaches with one of them you will get his Online ESL Mentoring Program at no cost and 1 or 2 other teachers will get trained for free.

Please review the Online ESL Jobs for Kids below to find the right fit for you. Any questions please send me a PM (through the contact page) or leave a comment here.

1. Magic Ears

2. SayABC


4. Landi



So in case you are looking for a job, especially a teaching a job and one you can do at the comfort of your home, you might would like to look into this. View the links to learn more about these companies and  to know how you can apply. Kindly help spread the word as well, as you never know, you might be able to help. ☺


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