“Sometimes, a wrong choice isn’t really wrong.”

I am officially starting my new job this Monday after surviving its 2-week core training. Finally, after 6 weeks (since my previous company closed down), I am no longer unemployed. Yay! 😁

Yesterday, the training ended but not before having an orientation with the company’s HR department. Everything about the company seems good, such as their policies being reasonable and the gov’t mandatory benefits, except one thing, their basic salary. I’m going to receive a low basic pay every payday because their basic pay is lower than my previous job’s but not only for this. My rest days this time are double the number of my rest days per cut-off which was 2 at my previous. (There are 2 cut offs per month).

I actually already had an idea about it prior to yesterday’s orientation, but I just ignored it because I thought, if I really want to acquire more online ESL teaching experience, then I may have to put with it, but when I realized how small it really is yesterday, I kind of got frustrated and I wished I had applied for a call center job position (as it pays more than esl teaching in the Philippines), as if I don’t hate the too low temperature of air conditioners at call centers. Two of my fellows also felt the same way as I expected. However, since I have already spent 2 weeks with them and I’m not planning to stay long as I am wishing to finally be back home next month for some reason, I decided I’d just stay. Besides, there are other incentives like booked classes, attendance and laundry allowance. Apart from these, this company is big, reputable and has been operating since 1962.

I thought to myself that I’d just make the most of this experience. I’d always do my best each time I have a class so students will book me again and I can earn more. I’d take this opportunity to acquire more skills and to become better like I always do.

As the title suggests, I realized that sometimes, the choices or decisions we consider as wrong are not actually wrong. We are focused on the thought that they are wrong, on their disadvantages and on finding a way to leave them, but as they say, “we can’t always get what we want, but we can always make the most of what we get or have”.

So yeah, I am looking forward to my first day. I can’t be grateful enough for this opportunity since I got it despite not having a degree. God is so good. 😊


P.S. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to make the most of what you have, regardless of what it is. ☺

17 thoughts on ““Sometimes, a wrong choice isn’t really wrong.”

    1. 2nd online ESL school ko na to. Okay na man siya, masaya. Gusto ko talaga mga Japanese. Mga studious so hindi mahirap turuan. Oo nakakatulong talaga ang experience kaya thankful ako para dito. ☺


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