San Juanico Bridge

It’s probably not that known to many in the Philippines but to the people in eastern visayas of the country, this bridge is one of the must-visit in the region for its structure. I went here on July 1st this year with a friend of mine when I had a short vacation in Leyte where this bridge is situated. Of all the photos I’ve taken here, I find this one the best captured just because of how I appear. I had crossed this bridge many times already but never had the chance to have a picture taken for some reasons, like I was on a public transport and couldn’t go down, or I didn’t have a camera phone with me.


With how I pose here, it could not be only said that I was amazed by the beautiful bridge but also, it seems like there were a couple of things which run through my mind while I was here. I think some of us don’t notice it, but every time we go to a new place, esp. one that we’ve always wished to be, we tend to feel some emotions or realize some things which could be physical or abstract. However, I think these two are the most important ones: (1) Great views are everywhere. It’s a matter of how we look at things. I believe we can find good things even in bad ones, and (2) The place would be of great help in elevating the economy and tourism in the area. Perhaps they could put up some resorts nearby, or some ships that would be good for cruising under the bridge and along the wide body of water in the area.

Here are other photos I took. I’m sorry they if they lack quality, though. 😦







This bridge connects the province of Leyte and of Samar, so when someone is headed to Leyte, he sees this “Welcome to Leyte” thing, otherwise, the “Welcome to Samar” thing at the other side is what welcomes him. Also, in case you wonder why its not straight or simply curvy, this bridge was shaped after the letters l and s. 🙂

San Juanico Bridge (Filipino: Tulay ng San Juanico) is part of the Pan-Philippine Highway and stretches from Samar to Leyte across the San Juanico Strait in the Philippines. Its longest length is a steel girder viaduct built on reinforced concrete piers, and its main span is of an arch-shaped truss design. With a total length of 2.16 kilometers (1.34 mi), it is the longest bridge in the Philippines spanning a body of seawater, while the Candaba Viaduct (The longest bridge in the Philippines in all category) in Pampanga is under the viaduct category along the North Luzon Expressway – making the San Juanico Bridge the second longest bridge in the Philippines in all category. The bridge was dedicated to Ferdinand Marcos’ wife, Imelda Marcos.” (Go to for more info. 🙂 )


11 thoughts on “San Juanico Bridge

  1. i love when you said, “Great views are everywhere. It’s a matter of how we look at things. I believe we can find good things even in bad ones” because it is so true. it’s really all about appreciating what’s in front of us and seeing even the mundane with fresh eyes.

    and yes, going to new places is always an emotional experience. i get that too. it’s like you’re exploring yourself as well while exploring the world outside of you.


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