3 am thoughts: I wish..

I wish I were still a kid, innocent, and content with the small things. I wish I could just go back to the time when I still had my father who would take care of everything. I wish I could go back to being worry-free.

Adulting is great. But there are times where in we need support, because not all the time we can handle things well alone, but how do you deal with life when the support you need isn’t something easy for the people you need it from to give?

I wish things were a little different. I wish mom had a job back home that I’ll no longer have to worry about my younger brother’s school fees, so I can focus on myself, on improving it and achieving my goals which include them.

I wish there were a lot of opportunities in my province (Leyte) so I wouldn’t have to be away from home. I wish our place was not a 5 hour exhausting travel away on a ferry and on a bus, just so I  won’t have to spend so much on the fare every time I go home. I wish I was getting paid more so I can have extra money for myself’s wants and needs.

I wish I could return back time and start over again from where my very first failure happened. I wish my wrong choices had been easy to fix. I wish I had been wiser. Perhaps my life and my family’s would have been better if I hadn’t failed myself and the people I love and had finished college.

I wish I wasn’t here my bed at the moment, thinking and writing about all these.

10 thoughts on “3 am thoughts: I wish..

    1. Hello Petrel41, thank you for nominating me and for recognizing my blog, but I don’t participate in blog awards. I appreciate it a lot, but I hope you understand. 😊


  1. Albert Soriano

    I can relate. I given up my pursuit for degree to pave way for my older sister for her to finish her studies. I do have regrets, however that setback developed my character. When you are up against degree holder in applying for a job, you left with pure “diskarte” to stand a chance hehe.

    By the way, i read one of your post that you’re still not giving up yet with finishing your study. I hope you’ll get it one day.

    You’re family-oriented, i bet a breadwinner. Whisper a prayer, ilambing mo pa kay Lord, walang mahirap sa Diyos.

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    1. I’m not really a bread-winner but I feel like one. Yes, I would still really love to get that degree. I feel like it’s what will fill up most of the missing pieces in my life. Sana tulungan ako ni Lord. 😑

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