To My Late Father, Happy Father’s Day!

‘Tay, it’s been 10 years already since you left us but I can still remember how that day changed my life forever, our lives rather. You left us all of a sudden we were not prepared, and it wasn’t easy to go on with our lives but we did because we know you wouldn’t be happy if we hadn’t.

‘Tay, I hope you are happy up there with big sister. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember you. I think of you more than our relatives who have also passed away just because I love you the most.

When you left, my first love and also my little sister’s also left. My brothers have lost the man they look up to the most, and mom have lost the father of her children but it’s fine, though, for we know that you are watching us. You may see me and siblings do bad things once in a while, but I hope you understand us. We don’t intend to make mistakes and I’m sorry when there are times where in we kind of just like forget about you.

‘Tay, I wish you had been able to witness us grow, pursue our dreams and even fall in love. I’m sure you would be really proud of big brother who’s been a soldier for 7 years now and for being a good father to his 2 kids and a loving husband to his wife just like you were, of me being always positive despite the number of failures I’ve had, of my younger siblings doing well at their schools, and of mom trying to be the best mom to us. Although mom has a new love now, it doesn’t mean she has forgotten about you nor we have replaced you as our father because no one can replace your role as our father and erase the things you had done to prove you really were/ are. I really wish you were here so I wouldn’t have to keep my worries to myself each time I’m being pessimistic, when I couldn’t find the courage to tell other people just because I know you would listen to me. I wish you were still able to give us advice so we would make less mistakes in the future. I wish I could turn back time so I could see your face again, talk to you, and hug you. These are just some on my “I wish I could do” list which mom, and siblings may also have.

‘Tay, you weren’t the best dad on Earth, but you were simply the best for us. You never laid hands on us even though we were always at our neighbors’ house and couldn’t stay at home. You were not born rich, didn’t attend high school, and didn’t have a job that paid good but you knew how to love us unconditionally by working so hard so you could provide us our needs. You never let mom leave the house to work so she could take care of us. You never tried to influenced us to do bad things. You really tried to be the best dad as much as you could to us, and mom and her family appreciated you for that. I’ll always be proud to say that you were, are and will always be my father.

‘Tay, I miss you much! 😒 I miss waking up, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, and going to bed with you and siblings. I miss going to the farm with you. I miss the simple yet happy life we had. I miss the old days. And most of all, I miss having you. I can’t help but be teary eyed while writing this. 😒 I really wish I could see you again and again. ‘Tay, please let me, even just in my dreams.

It’s father’s day but it’s not the only reason why I’ve written some of what I’d love to tell you. I want the world to know that I love you beyond words, that I thank you for everything you did for us, and to remind them to love theirs more while they have them! Happy father’s day ‘tay! Β πŸ’•


(Image credit to Facebook. β™₯)

2 thoughts on “To My Late Father, Happy Father’s Day!

    1. Awwe! I’m not sure, but thank you for reading and appreciating my writings. πŸ™‚ I’m glad there’s actually at least one who understands my thoughts, or how I express my thoughts. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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