My roommates are like a family.

The word roommate according to its definition refers to the person one shares a room or a space with, but to me, it also means home. I have 4 roommates at the moment but there are at least 9 people whom I’ve also stayed with in the same room in the past couple of months.

Taken last April 30 when we first dined out.

I share not only a space with every person our receptionist designates in my room, but also some parts of my daily life. They are the people I wake up to, and the people I come home to. They are my second home. Sometimes we will eat together like what families would usually do. They are there to listen when I have something bad or good to share and there are people I can lend my ears to when they’re needed. With them, I can do the things I would like to do with my siblings but cannot just because I am away. They make me feel safe just like how my family would. They fill up the space I wish my family could. With them I feel at home. They’re not just roommates, or friends but also family.

Late night chatting and food tripping at Mcdo.

I can spend late night chats just about life and everything else with them and not regret if I wake up sleepy just because I enjoy doing so with them. I can tell them almost anything just because I can trust them. I can share some of my things with them just because they’re no different. I will treat them when I can just because I wouldn’t mind spending for other people, much less for people I live with. I wouldn’t mind spending my free day with them just because I enjoy their company.

Dining out with our new roommate (the one who took this groupie).

Though I am the kind of person who won’t feel lonely staying alone in a room, I can do things or go places without needing other people’s company, and I can enjoy my own company, I am so thankful for having roommates who are like them for they make my life easier and much more fun. However, the kind of bond we’veΒ built is not perfect just like other relationshios, but one thing is certain, we will always be grateful for having met each other, not only for the memories we’ve shared and are yet to make, but for everything.

Taken when me (middle), and April (left) and Wedy (right) went beaching. Wedy left 2 days after for her internship.

(I wish I had pictures with the rest. *bummer!* 😦)

*To my roommates, I hope you ladies know that I thank God for each one of you, and that you’re cared, loved and appreciated. I hope that we’ll remain friends and our closeness won’t change even after we leave the room we now call home. I’ll always want the best for you guys because I love you! 😘 And to my ex-roommates, I miss every one of you so much, and know that I love you, too! πŸ˜™πŸ˜˜

14 thoughts on “My roommates are like a family.

      1. Ankit

        Yes. I can feel it. The old once that I had and the ones I have now. They are people who made/make us learn a lot. Their problems are ours and ours are their, such are the happiness as well. Glad you shared it. Thanks Erma.

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      2. Wow! It’s so nice to know you also feel the same feelings I feel and experience that things I do. It’s my pleasure to this. I’m not yet sure though how my roommates will feel if they get to read this. πŸ˜„

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I hope they will. Because you know sometimes we are not comfortable in telling people about how we feel about them. It’s just easier to show them with our actions or through this (writing πŸ˜„).

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      4. Ankit

        Agree. Expressing feelings is one of the toughest thing a human specie does. Writing is just a medium which helps one to do it, but it requires a lot of courage to write emotions and feeling. You’ve been remarkable doing it. 😊

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  1. Hi Erma, I felt emotional reading this. I suddenly felt nostalgic remembering the roommates turned friends back in college. It really enlivens the day you’re away from home when they’re around. Glad you found a home in them! Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Awwe! I’m glad I’ve made you remember them. ☺ You probably hope to see each other again soon. 😁
      Yes, I totally agree and I’m really thankful. Thanks and you take care, too. 😊


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