Summer Outing at Terracotta Manor

In the Philippines, the hot dry season usually starts in March and ends in May. So before May come to an end before we knew it, our company manager had set a date for our company outing. It’s my fourth job already, but then it’s the first company where in I’ve already experienced a couple of events in just 7 months — from small birthday celebration of every employee, to dinner at restaurants, and to sort of outdoor parties like our Christmas party last year and this summer outing we just had last month.

So on the 28th of May, all of us at work, together with our Japanese boss went to this private residence located over the mountain in Brgy. Bonbon in Busay, in Cebu, City.Β Getting here from IT Park (which was our rendezvous) wasn’t really a tough ride because we had rented a van. It took us about 35 minutes because our driver wasn’t quite sure where its exact location. Good thing that google map came in handy, and the few people we asked on our way helped us.

Upon arriving, we were totally amazed. There are two buildings in which the first one is rented while the other one is for leisure purposes. There is an infinity pool which is more or less 6 feet deep. The bricks make the houses appear like those houses abroad. There are bermuda grass lawns and mountain ranges are surrounding the area.

Swipe right.Β πŸ‘‰

To enjoy our outing, we did not only swim but also played some games like paper dance and ate the good foods we brought with us.

Here are some photos I took, myself.

Tanning ….Β πŸ˜„

I tried to get over my fear to swim in the deep part of the pool, but then my arms got sore and I was still in my period so it was nearly impossible. However I was almost closed to making it, so maybe next time a few more practice, then I’ll be good.Β Let’s hope! 😁


We also did some photoshoot in the place since it’s too beautiful to not strike a pose at.Β πŸ˜… πŸ˜‚

To sum it up, everyone laughed, was satiated, was able to witness such an incredible place, was able to enjoy the dry season before it has ended, was able have some escape from work, created a much stronger bond with each other and most importantly, had created new memories that are worth looking back.


13 thoughts on “Summer Outing at Terracotta Manor

  1. I notice something about the Philippines…….. sometimes I see pictures of women swimming in the pools wearing T-shirts and shorts. One girl in the pic above is even wearing a long-sleeved top, ^__^. Is that modesty ?

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    1. These women you see wearing t-shirts and shorts while swimming aren’t really confident in wearing swimsuit. They get really conscious being in bikini while staying outdoors because of some reason like they’re not skinny or they have some secrets πŸ˜‚. I’m actually one of them. But some people wear rash guard to protect their skin from the sun. They don’t want to get tanned. Some people here are conscious of being tan. They would use glutathione or whitening lotion to whiten their skin. 😁


      1. About the whitening stuff …… my cousin and I were shocked that almost all beauty products that are sold there have whitening ingredients. I guess white skin is the standard of beauty in the Philippines? I think Filipino women should embrace their own natural skin. Brown is beautiful.

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      2. That is exactly what I’m trying to say. If someone is white here, then regardless of their nose or height, or size, then she’s pretty. However, there are still some who don’t mind about the color. Brown is indeed beautiful . I’m color brown. πŸ™‚

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      3. Well, same here. It’s actually the way a girl carries herself that is more important. A tan, golden brown skin color is very desirable here in the US, especially here in California. California girls are known for their tanned skins, even the ” white “, Caucasian girls. It’s almost embarrassing to be aware that non _ Filipinos are talking about this. I’ve read heaps of articles about Philippine women trying to alter the color of their skin.

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      4. I heard the former Filipino Miss Universe had to tan her skin before the pageant. And she did look more exotic, sparkling , healthy and sexy with tanned skin. Can you imagine her with white skin ? they say skin that has been artificially whitened looks awful, and unnatural, like a corpse, especially if the face is covered with more cakey , whitish make -up, like the make-up style of the cashiers at SM Supermarket. Geezzuz. He he he… they need a total make-over by the company’s PR department. The women should use more moisturizers, instead ^__^

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      5. I never heard about it. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just me who didn’t know but I guess yeah she tanned her skin because her life story was enacted in a local drama anthology here where in it shows she was really white when she was a a kid and younger and so some of her classmates would call her like white lady. I also notice how tan she is and I think she’ll always look more beautiful with that color. I really don’t know much about how people look when they use whitening because I haven’t known someone who had used it. I know some people, though, whose skin got lighter because they gain some fat and their skin stretched. In my case, personally, I’ll just love to have a fair colored skin as I really don’t mind about my color.


    1. does to me also especially infinity pools. But it would have been more exciting if I could swim. I’m sure I would have found it hard to stop swimming because I already love the water. I’m really glad they chose this place. 😊


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