Sightseeing at Island Eco-Tourism Park

After beaching at Blu-ba-u Beach, getting our skin sun-kissed, singing and all, me and my two roommates headed to this Island Eco-Tourism Park which is like a kilometer away. We just walked our way because we really wanted to save and see more of the place, although along our way there were some people who tried to offer us a ride.

Actually, we saw this post on our way to the beach and that was how we got an idea about this place.

From here we had to walk like a few meters more to get to the area but the walk was worth it. 😊

There are a lot of coconut tress and mangrove trees in here. There are also some camping tents. It just felt great to lay ourselves on the shady part in the bermuda grass lawn and to watch the people who were like us visiting, to look at the coconut trees and the almost clear blue sky from below while enjoying the fresh air.

Here is an album I uploaded on my instagram account. Swipe right to see more photos of the place.

Here are other photos:

This is Wedy in a cross-legged sitting position enjoying the view.

While this is me loving the view of the coconut trees with the blue sky behind.

Actually, in my hometown there are a lot of coconut trees, not to mention at home alone, so while we were here, I just couldn’t help but remember my younger years and our house in Leyte. I used to spend there my summers during my younger years. I used to fly kites with my siblings and cousins when I was a kid. In waray (since I’m a Waray, from the North-eastern part in Leyte), we have this “panilot” thing which means getting “buko” from the tree, and me and my siblings and cousins used to do it every now and then. So I’m just so glad that for once, I was able to get to a place like this because I’ve been staying in Cebu City for over a year now, and I don’t see any coconut trees in here but only building and jeepneys and crowds. Lucky me!  😅

April seems to love the view, too so she told me to take a photo of her on this side.
Practicing my photography skills.  😁
So on the sides are where the mangrove trees are located.
April seems to love this dog. It’s cute. 😄

This group of people, behind April, looking at the water were thinking if they should proceed to the cottages across the water. I’m not sure what is really in there because we didn’t proceed (because Wedy all of a sudden uttered that she had to get back to our dorm before 5 pm for some important matter. We were there at past 3 and we couldn’t just let her go home alone).

I heard that there was a bridge there before but at that time it was no longer in there. So sad. 😌.


We paid 15 Php for the entrance fee. (I’m not sure if there’s any fee at the cottages across the water since we were not able to get there, and the people at the main entrance didn’t tell us.)


13 thoughts on “Sightseeing at Island Eco-Tourism Park

    1. Wow! Good for you . I wish I lived somewhere, too, as there are a lot of beaches in your places. Yes, you should go there. I’m planning to go back to Olango soon to visit the places you’ve been to. I heard they’re great. I can’t wait! 😊

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